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Mothers Union

Despite starting in 1876 the Mothers Union is an up to date organisation seeking to support Christian family life in the UK and. in 82 other countries round the world including South America and Africa and many others.

First and foremost it is a Christian organisation within the Anglican church round the world. It caters to the spiritual needs of women in urban and remote rural areas.

In overseas dioceses it employs Workers, who encourage and organise members, often travelling long distances to visit members and branches.  The “Wheels Appeal” which the Walton Branch supports, is to provide wheels of some sort, bicycle, or car and fuel &c. to enable this vital ministry.

The Mothers Union is involved in many projects which empower women – through literacy, which enables them to start businesses, and their profits enable them to afford to send their children to school – and have a better chance in life.

It is concerned about the exploitation of women and girls, especially in the sex trade. The Government consults the MU about upcoming legislation on family and similar matters.

It runs branches in prisons in the UK for women who are imprisoned and sends birthday cards to the young men in Hollesley Bay Young Offenders unit.

At Christmas all the prisoners at HMP High Point receive a handmade Christmas Card made by Mothers Union Diocesan Members.

It has always been the “handmaid of the Church” and done all sorts of work within local parishes helping with creches and Toddler groups, as well as the traditional Tea,cakes and Flowers!