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Walton Parish Nursing

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Walton Parish Nursing Felixstowe, provides wholistic care- physical, mental and spiritual- to people of all ages around the community of Walton through a Parish Nurse and a team of trained volunteers, showing God’s unconditional love irrespective of a person’s belief and whether or not they may make a Christian commitment.

It is a joint ministry of St Mary’s Church, Maidstone Road Baptist Church and Seaton Road Methodist Church in Walton.

Parish Nursing is recognised by the Nursing and Midwifery Council with which the Parish Nurse is registered.  

Parish Nursing aims to meet the needs identified in the community, the key differentiators of the service are:

  • To give people time- the key element of the initiative
  • To address spiritual needs- within a Christian context
  • To provide wholistic care

All duties and standards of this position will be performed according to established policies, procedures and guidelines as agreed by Parish Nursing Ministries UK and the Parish Nursing Management Team.

The Parish Nurse is:

  1. Health Educator which includes advice on diet, exercise, smoking, alcohol and other addictions. Personal healthy lifestyle consultations are given either at the Parish Nursing office at Maidstone Road Baptist Church or in people’s homes and a plan to make life-style changes is made to improve or manage their disabilities and health.
  2. Referral Agent by referring individuals to other health professionals, ministers or community support services as needed.
  3. Trainer and Co-ordinator of volunteers and ensuring they are properly trained and work within agreed policies.
  4. Health Advocate by accompanying people to their GP, outpatient or other medical appointments, to ensure they get appropriate help and support and understand what is going on. Volunteers can also do this.
  5. An integrator of Faith and Health by seeking to promote an understanding of the relationship between faith and health .

Current Parish Nursing Initiatives in Walton are:

  1. Sole Mates– a service that provides regular monitoring and early detection of foot and leg problems and is open to anyone over 65 years old who is not able to care for their own legs and feet.
  2. Chair based exercise classes– helping to maintain mobility and suppleness.
  3. Personal Lifestyle consultations to help individuals make life-style changes to improve their health or manage their disabilities.
  4. Respite care for those caring for a relative at home.
  5. Accompaniment to medical appointments to help understand what is being said and support during illness.
  6. Individual home visits following discharge from hospital, during illness and when support is needed during difficult times.
  7. Bereavement support.
  8. Prayer Shawl ministry– Blankets and Shawls, made by the Craft group at Maidstone Road Baptist Church, are given to those undergoing medical procedures, as a comfort after a loss or in times of stress, during an illness, recovery and bereavement. They can also be given as wedding, new baby, birthday, moving away or going to university gifts. The possibilities are endless. Through this ministry prayers are able to encompass people in a tactile way throughout changes and challenging times in their lives.
  9. Healing through prayer, the laying on of hands and leading or helping with healing services which differs from other forms of nursing where faith can not be mentioned.

Parish Nursing is a growing ministry within churches of all denominations. More information can be found about Parish Nursing Ministries UK at

Walton Parish Nursing, Felixstowe: Client & Volunteer Stories

Contact details

Parish Nurse Lorna Bellamy

WPN Office Address: Maidstone Road Baptist Church, Walton, Felixstowe IP11 9ED

WPN Office Telephone :01394 276774

WPN moblie :07969 901001

Email address: