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A brief history

St. Mary’s Church is the oldest church building in Felixstowe, and Christians met here from a village called Waletuna. The whole area was known as Walton. The name Felixstowe only came much later. The Doomsday Survey of 1086 mentions the church at Walton ‘with 8 acres valued at 16 pence’ – we guess it is …


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Parish Profile

The Benefice of Walton and Trimley Profile

Annual Report

St Mary’s Annual report 2013 –  accepted 2014 St Mary’s Annual Report 2014 – accepted 2015 –      2015 Group reports St Mary’s Annual Report 2015 – accepted 2016 St Mary’s Annual Report 2016 – Signed 2017 St Mary’s Church, Walton Annual Report 2017