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Gardening Rota

Thank you for offering to keep the church flowerbeds weed

free. We do not have the heather bed as it is already taken

care of – just the flowerbeds In front of the church and at the east end of the church. The rota is split into fortnights – please use it as a guide and weed when you have the time.

Many thanks.

15th May Isabel Jenkins 15th November Isabel Jenkins

1st June Sheila Walsham 1st December Sheila Walsham

15th June 15th December

1st July Guy Pearse 1st January Guy Pearse

15th July Janet Coles 15th January

1st August Ian/Pam Cobb 1st February Ian/Pam Cobb

15th August Isabel Jenkins 15th February Isabel Jenkins

1st September Sheila Walsham 1st March Sheila Walsham

15th September 15th March

1st October Guy Pearse 1st April Guy Pearse

15th October 15th April

1st November Ian/Pam Cobb 1st May Ian/Pam Cobb