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Prayer & pastoral

Prayer group

Known as the ‘prayer cell’ because it is a small group where everyone can join in so we can get to know one another. After coffee we have a time of reflection and then pray for various situations and people in need.

Prayer Chain

This is a telephone service for anyone needing urgent prayer. Just a phone call is needed to set prayer chain in motion with immediate effect. This enables people to receive prayer at their point of need.

Wednesday morning

This is a short 15 minute service of morning prayer; once a month it is combined with a communion service.

Pastoral Care

As a church we are always available to offer support and give a listening ear. We do this by responding to individual needs. There are also Home Groups which meet at different times of the week where after coffee and chat we spend time studying the Bible and praying together.

Bereavement Visiting Group

The funeral is over, family and friends have returned home to their normal routine, so what next for the bereaved? At this time it can be helpful to talk with someone outside of your situation; we are able to offer you time and a listening ear.