Pilgrimage of Song, Saturday 6th July from 9.45am

The Pilgrimage of Song this year takes on a slightly different form from our previous Pilgrimages, which have been mainly in rural areas. This time, on Saturday 6 July, we will be walking a route around Felixstowe, taking in the town, the sea front, and some of the surrounding countryside.

We meet at 9.45am at St Mary’s, Walton, where the day starts with a music workshop to learn the repertoire. There will be a mix of music, suitable for all levels of ability. There will be some four-part singing, but also plenty of material that’s suitable for those who don’t read music. So this is an event for everyone – the Cantus Firmus Choir, friends and family, and anyone who enjoys singing and walking.

After the workshop we set off on a route around Felixstowe, stopping to sing a short service in several churches, and to have lunch on the beach. At the end of the day, we share a hot meal together at Maidstone Road Baptist Church.